Sabrina slims, the ultimated pants for everyday.

Sabrina slims, the ultimated pants for everyday

Love Notions

Jong Design

The Sabrina, the ultimate pants for everyday.

By Love Notions

—————-Spoiler alert: I love, love my new pants!————————

This was my first experience with Love Notions

When sewing with a `new` pattern company, I am always curious how the fit will be.

After sewing three, four patterns I know how ‘they’ drafted and know where to adjust without making a muslin first.

Well, this my first pattern from Love Notions and a muslin was a must.

I  wanted to read the instructions first and downloaded the workbook. I thought that were the instructions and was happily surprised with the detailed information how to get your personal perfect fit! +1 for Love Notions and I became more enthousiastic about sewing my pants!

Then…….doo doo doo doo doo doo….I made a beginner mistake and sewed a muslin with a different fabric then I used for my final! I still don’t know what I was thinking, but it was something like: hmm, when it fit’s in stretch-woven, it will definately fits with ponte…Hahahaha, that’s somehow correct of course…Anyway, at least I can laugh about it…And I know my rise is too long. No worries, the workbook is there to help you step by step to get your perfect fit!

When you work with the workbook, you sew a muslin first. For that I printed version A, sewed it quick together and added an unlined waistband to get the basic fit. I found out I needed to get rid of some extra fabric at my hips and I lowered my rise, which I should have done more.. But that was my own fault. Because my inseam is 31.5″ I added length and the fit was spot on!

And then it was time to sew my final, whoot whoot! I had some gorgeous ponte with leather look I was saving for quite some time already and I managed to get everything out of 1 yard! Okay, I have to say I was really happy with the 2 options waistband, 1 for wider fabric, 1 for less wide fabric. I appreciate that a lot.

I only would have liked the waistband being understitched, which I did, although it wasn’t in the instructions. That would be my tip.

I used version B, with seams in the front and the back, which I topstitched, back pockets and split hems. The options to sew a different pants over and over again are endless and people how know me, knows I love options! But how doesn’t, to be honest.

The sewing was easy, the instructions clear and what I said already, the workbook is excellent! I was happily surprised about the clear instructions and even with all the different options, it was easy to follow. I recommend this pattern for everybody, included beginners who wants to sew a good fitted pants.

To me, Love Notions is a designer I keep following for sure!

A special thank you to Love Notions for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment bloggers with patterns so that we can share our thoughts with you. Love Notions has kindly provided a 20% off shop discount code for all our readers. Please use this code at checkout: FittingEXPSabrinas

In addition, Love Notions has given us TWO copies of Sabrina Slims to giveaway. For a chance to win, comment below. For more chances to win, comment on the other blogs too! You can check out their posts below:

Stitched by Jennie

Stitched by Jennie

Yes, for every day!
Not so everyday, but it is possible 🙂

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57 gedachten over “Sabrina slims, the ultimated pants for everyday.

  1. They look amazing on you, I just wish I had the guts to attack pants. I don’t really have anyone to help with fit issues mainly flat bum. Maybe, I’ll get the nerve someday


  2. W A U W!!
    Wat een super mooie broek is het geworden en ik zoek al zoooo lang een goed patroon voor een skinnybroek 😍 is bijna niet te vinden….
    Leuk deze publicatie en ik volg je inmiddels op Instagram
    Succes met alles!
    Gr Jolanda


  3. Thank you very much for including information on your fitting mistakes as well as your eventual success, as I find this super useful 🙂 Your pants look really great & fit you well. Hopefully I can make such a well-fitting pair for myself, even though I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing pants.


  4. love the pants and the fabric…i was at love notions fb group specifically for this pattern! so glad my timing was so perfect…your pants are amazing! one yard too!!! love it


  5. Those pants look amazing on you!!! I’m short and my legs are giant so I’m curious as to what all adjustments I will need lol. I have never sewn pants before.


  6. I love The Fitting Experiment. It is nice to see how the same pattern can be made for different bodies. I was a bit afraid of the Sabrina Slims because I didn’t think it would look that great on my body, but after reading through all the blogs, the fear is gone and I will give it a try.

    I love the fabric you choose!


    1. Aw, thank you! Yes, this exactly the idea of our experiment! ❤
      You don’t have to be afraid at all! And you know now..when you are running into something…just ask!🥰

      We all just followed the instructions and the result is pretty awesome right?🤗

      Looking forward to see yours already!


  7. I am a beginner sewer and this post us great. It helps to see the process of finding the best fit for your own body shape. I always thought that sewing a garment was quick and easy but there’s a lot of work that goes into creating beautiful things.


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