The Fitting Experiment

Bahama Bottoms and Brooklyn Top – Sonia Estep Designs

The Fitting Experiment – Sonia Estep Designs

Well, hello there! The fitting experiment bloggers are back! Whoot whoot! And with two patterns this time! This time we tested the Bahama bottoms and the Brooklyn Top from Sonia Estep Designs.

I have to admit these are my first patterns I ever sewed from Sonia Estep Designs, but.. spoiler alert…absolutely not my last one!

It’s Summetime, so I knew exactly what I wanted to make: the shortest shorts, hahaha, and the tank top with curved hem. And I had the perfect fabric for it too! I had an awesome light weight woven with roses from Unicorn Fashionista. That fabric is so beautiful, I decided to use a plain knit fabric for the top.

Yup, a matching bag. Thank you Unicorn Fashionista!

Well, I always read the instructions first, check the measurement chart etc.etc. I was pleased to read about all the options there are. With these two patterns you can create a whole wardrobe! I am happy I took the time to tape everything together instead of using the printer guide and I even traced the pattern parts I needed on tracing paper. It’s a little bit more work, but it’s worth it when you want to use a pattern again, especially a pattern with that many options.

Let’s start with the Bahama Bottoms! I actually would have liked to know what the intented fit is exactly. Especially because you can use different width of elastic, this will have an effect on your pants. I checked both measurements charts and decided to go by my hipsize and not grading for my waist. I sewed a straight size 00 (Yes, I know, I don’t have hips and a butt..sigh) I only sewed the front pockets and not the back pockets.

The instructions are well written, to the point, but there is a lot information written in a couple of lines. I sewed pants before, but when you haven’t, please read carefully! It isn’t hard and the information is cool, but it’s a lot per step.

Since the pattern is suitable for knit and for wovens I would have love to get more information about with stitches to use for which fabric. It isn’t mentioned, but I first finished all the raw edges with my serger (zig zag stitch is fine too) and then I sewed it together with a straight stitch,

Pants aren’t hard to sew, but to get a great fit, isn’t always easy. Luckily you’ll find in the instructions the part “customizing your shorts” which is well done and you’ll manage to make yourself a perfect fitting pants.

But…let me tell you something, I didn’t need to change a thing! My muslin was excellent! I used 1,5″ elastic and it hit me under my belly button (which I prefer).

The only thing I had to do was cut into my good fabric and start sewing. 🙂

Yes! I like it a lot!

Let’s talk about the Brooklyn Top! This is a fun one! I already told you about the many options from both patterns. I don’t know a lot of patterns that offer you a tank, dolman, long sleeve, relaxed or fitted fit, different hems and with or without tie.

To be clear: mine is the tank top, which is more fitted, with a curved unfinished hem (because I was afraid the hem facing with the elastic from the shorts was going to be too bulky all together. The fabric I used for the top was pretty thick too)

I really like this top and I am going to sew it again, but I didn’t like the instructions that much. They are pretty basic. Again I am missing the intented fit and was surprised by the length of the shirt. Even that I am 5,5″ and took off 1″ because of one of the great other bloggers in our group mentioned that, I am shorter and should have took off more. I am going to wear it on a slim fit pants like it is now, but my next version will be shorter. You can see it at the bulkyness at my waist, the fabric wants to go up.

Normally I always need a FBA, but this wasn’t mentioned at all in the instructions. Well, we are testing the patterns how they come, but it would have fitted nicer with.

But, the sewing is quick and I am absolutely pleased with the result! It’s easy to dress this up and down: some fit flops and go to the beach, but this outfit is also perfectly fine to got to a bar.

And…….Here will come my biggest tip of the day! Do you like buttons, but button holes scares you?

Just sew them on! When you have a fabric with enough stretch in it, you can flip it over your head and you are done.

Well, to come to an end, I have to say I really love my new outfit! I am looking forward to sew a long pants version, play around with the top and sew up every version there is!

A big thank you: Sonia Estep Designs for your great patterns and Unicorn Fashionista for the awesome, quality, fabric!

Thank you to Sonia Estep Designs for sponsoring The Fitting Experiment creators with patterns. Please check out others’ makes:

I am on Instagram too (of course :-)) I sew(ed) a lot more, so you can check here when you want: Jongdesign

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